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2Fit-Design Single Bridle


Many bridles nowadays are labelled as ‘customised’, but 2FitHorses takes it to the next level. We use top quality leather and, in addition to the sizes Cob and Full, we also offer in-between sizes. However, what makes 2FitHorses unique is that we measure the correct pressure distribution of the headpiece and noseband for each horse. That is what ‘customised’ means to 2FitHorses. Because not one horse is the same – something we already knew! Similar to not every saddle fitting every horse, a bridle is no different. Whether your horse is sensitive or not, they all have their own preference for what kind of pressure distribution they prefer.

The nosebands and headpieces of 2FitHorses are made of very high-quality leather with super soft padding that provides excellent comfort for your horse or pony. That way, it can fit properly without restricting the head’s movement in any way.


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